Prayers for the day

Those in need: Margaret, David, Michelle, Logan, Ardène, Roy K, Mariola, Brenda, Winston, John T., CB.; Irene, Marg, Natasha, Kelly McG, Carole, Valentin, Carol, Larry, Phil, Kelly, Clayt, Claude, Judi, Pete, Frank, George, Mary Jane, Dennis M., Dan, Ken, Joanne, Bill D, Jeff, Lois., Jeanette, Lauren, Lynn, Catherine, Althea, John T, Dennis B, Ruth, Maureen 

Those in mourning: Family and friends of Don Candler. 

In our cycles of prayer today, we pray for: all our members, particularly: Doris Rao; Rajani, Cliff, & Adrein Rao-Peters; Peggy Read; Bette Rempel

for our pastor: Colin

for our bishops: Susan Bell, Colin Johnson, and Michael Pryse

for our primate: Linda; and our national bishop: Susan

in the Diocese of Niagara: All Saints Lutheran Anglican Church, Guelph

in the Eastern Synod:  St. Peter’s, Linwood

in the Anglican Communion: The Anglican Church of Korea

and in the Lutheran World Federation: Lutheran Church in Korea


Isaiah 45:1-7

Psalm 96:1-9 [10-13]

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Matthew 22:15-22

Sermon by the Rev. Colin Cameron